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Chatgpt for Data Scientists

Learn how to build AI apps. Everything you need to know to join the latest platform shift

Real world business applications

Based on the experience of building and selling a B2B Chatgpt-powered app to a Fortune 500 company (Colgate)

This course breaks down everything learned in the process

Course Topics

Actual business projects on real data. No pointless toy examples.

Integrate Chatgpt into R/Python code

Prompt Engineering and domain-specific text data

Augment Chatgpt knowledge via semantic search, clustering, SVM, etc.
Build custom-made functions or leverage external libraries like Langchain
Ads personalization, marketing, and content creation

Information retrieval over documents

Data Science w/ Chatgpt: identify product strengths and weaknesses
People analytics and AI for the HR dept

Tutorial on building fully functional Chatgpt apps from scratch

Different app templates that fit both B2B and B2C business opportunities

Easily customizable code to build and monetize your own app on a specific vertical
Actual examples of apps that were turned into profitable businesses

Access to the DataScienceGPT app included with the course
Get answers to any kinds of product case study questions

Get answers to any kinds of A/B testing and metric questions

Get inside knowledge about data science in top tech companies

Course Samples

Product Data Science via AI

The likely future of product data science: a standard product-oriented analysis, but done via AI!

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DataScienceGPT Highlights

Modern data science is mostly about dealing with trade-offs. An example based on FB browsing behavior.

See the lesson ->

People Analytics

Find out what data scientists working at FB think about their job. How did their opinions change over time?

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Introducing DataScienceGPT

An LLM model trained on a massive amount of personal documents related to job interview questions and inside knowledge about top tech companies.

The massive documentation comes from helping thousands of people prepare for job interviews since 2015 via Data Masked and ad-hoc communication with professional network/friends.

  • Product Case Studies
  • A/B testing
  • Metrics
  • Inside knowledge


  •   Lifetime access to course curriculum and all its updates

    The course is constantly updated. Here you can find the current roadmap for the course

  •   Exclusive access to DataScienceGPT

    After enrolling in the course, you will receive a credit of 100 questions to DataScienceGPT. Credits never expire

  •   Unlimited 1:1 support from course author for 1 year

    Prompt replies to any questions about the course material or anything related to AI as you are building your own project (technical questions, bouncing off ideas, etc.). You can send an email, chat, or share a Google doc with all the questions

  •   Personalized feedback

    Send your solution for the exercises in the course. You’ll get a detailed feedback on your work

Can I pay for this via my employee training budget?

Yes, there is virtually no company that wouldn’t pay for a Chatgpt course right now.

My other employee training course (Full Course in Product Data Science) has been approved by managers at >200 companies and approval for this Chatgpt course should be even more straightforward.

If you need any help to facilitate the reimbursement process or have any questions about how the reimbursement process works, please get in touch.

I have been creating educational material related to data science since 2015. Firstly focusing on job interviews (A Collection of Data Science Take-Home Challenges, 40 Data Science Product Questions, DS Coding Course) and, more recently, on employee training (Full Course in Product Data Science and AI for Data Scientists).
The main idea behind all the material is to simulate the actual work data scientists do in top tech companies.

In 2023, I built and sold a Chatgpt app to Colgate, I created a practical Chatgpt course to help people build their own app, and built the DataScienceGPT app.

Prior to all this, I worked as a data scientist for several Silicon Valley tech companies, the last one being Airbnb.

A platform shift just happened. This is a once in a decade opportunity to be an early builder on top of it

No prior AI or Web-Development knowledge required

The only requirement for this course is knowledge of either R or Python. Everything else is taught assuming no prior knowledge.

By the end of the course you will be able to build apps.


Most Chatgpt courses/tutorials are written by software engineers for software engineers. That implies that many engineering concepts are taken for granted and, at the same time, they are very light on data science/statistics because of lack of knowledge in that area.

This course is written by a data scientist for data scientists. It only uses tools that data scientists are already familiar with and it spends a lot of time explaining step by step concepts that data scientists might find more challenging (e.g. productionize apps).

At the same time, the course goes very deep when it comes to leveraging data science knowledge to build apps that are clearly better than what a software engineer might be able to build (e.g. statistical techniques to retrieve the most relevant data for the prompt, using Chatgpt to extract insights and do product development, data cleansing, etc.).

Re: access to DataScienceGPT, you cannot get it anywhere else for sure. It took almost 10 years of helping people on a 1:1 basis via running Data Masked to collect that kind of information, which turned out to be invaluable.

Yes. The course will be constantly updated. I am personally building stuff on AI, so I am as interested as anyone else on my skills staying up-to-date.

You can check here for the current roadmap of what will be added to the course next.

Whenever something new comes up, I will learn it and add it to the course. This can include new updates from OpenAI or even models from new companies if they turn out to be better. Simply, I plan to make this course the most up-to-date resource for AI.

Very very unlikely. The most likely scenario is that this is a platform shift similar to the internet and mobile. And just like for the internet and mobile, building on top of it early on is likely to turn out incredibly lucrative.

Most importantly, this is not a bet on the future of tech. This is already happening today. Myself and plenty of people in my circle are building useful AI products and making plenty of money out of it. You might hear about B2C more, but B2B/selling to large companies is even more active.

It is harder to say for how long this incredible window of opportunities will be open. Right now, basic apps can become incredibly lucrative. It is likely that over time the bar will get higher, similarly to what happened with mobile apps.

Yes, definitely. I can provide certificate, invoice, or anything else you need.

My other employee training course (Full Course in Product Data Science) has been approved by managers at >200 companies and approval for this Chatgpt course should be even more straightforward.

After enrolling in the course, you will receive by email the log-in credentials for the app. Those will allow you to ask questions using your credits.

The only requirement for this course is knowledge of R or Python. Everything else is taught assuming no prior knowledge in AI or Web development.

For any additional questions, please email